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Who we are
The Grains of Good Foundation is a 501(c)(3) based in California, USA. We partner with non-profit organizations worldwide and help raise funds for projects that improve children's lives. We are most passionate about supporting every child's right to quality education.

It is amazing what even a little extra help can do to change the everyday life and the future outlook for a child in need. Improve the hospital conditions, provide support for the parents, pay for physical therapy, or purchase a wheelchair. Or create an inclusive education environment that will allow children with special needs to attend a "mainstream" school. We know exactly how to bring this help to the children in need. And we would be grateful if you could help us do it better.

We stand for values of inclusion and human rights within and outside of educational system.

Inclusive education
Inclusion is necessary to ensure every child can live a full life, including getting an education and spending time with friends in a school environment. Denying access to mainstream education is equal to segregation. Inclusive education is essential for all participants, children, and adults, as it teaches the essential skill of coexisting and respecting and accepting each other's differences.

Our Inclusion Without Borders program is aimed at developing and distributing the best inclusive practices around the world. Thus, we provide consultations for families forced to change their place of residence, for parents of children with special needs, and for educators who truly believe that their classroom or school has a place for everyone. We share our expertise in building an inclusive education system within the school. This includes but is not limited to managing resource classrooms, implementing anti-bullying practices, using scientifically proven methods such as Applied Behavior Analysis, and building parent communities.

While providing consultations for displaced families, we realized that the main problem in a new place is finding a school and necessary specialists for their children. And this problem is not easy to solve, as the children do not speak English or a European language. Schools that accept refugee children are most often accommodating and ready to adapt the whole school system, but they lack expertise in inclusive education. Children from immigrant families need inclusion, besides, some of these children may experience learning difficulties associated with learning differences and special needs.

Thanks to your support, we can proceed from needs to achievable and meaningful results.

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