Who we are
Grains of Good Foundation is a 501(c)(3) based in California, USA. Grains of Good was created with the goal of helping a vulnerable group of children: special-needs children with neurodevelopmental disorders from low-income families or orphanages in Russia and former Soviet republics. The funds mostly go towards palliative care, rehabilitation programs, and adaptive technology products and equipment.

There are children with neurological disorders in every country of the world. All they need to flourish and to have a normal childhood is a bit of extra support - medical, educational, moral, financial.

In Russia and the former Soviet republics, such kids often lack such support. They live in a society that is largely unable or unwilling to accept - let alone help - them, in a system that does not have the resources to support them. Some extra services or treatments might be available, but the parents don't have the money to pay for them - they can't earn it while their children are at home, with no childcare centers or schools available for them. 

It is amazing what even a little extra help can do to change the everyday life and the outlook for the future for these children. Improve the conditions in a hospital or provide support for the parents, pay for physical therapy or purchase a wheelchair. Create an inclusive education environment that will allow children with special needs attend a "regular" school: we know exactly how to bring this help to the children in need. And we need you to help us do it better.

Our sister charity and main partner is the Moscow-based non-profit charity organization "Zhuravlik".

We focus on improving our kids' quality of life, as well as on changing the way children with special needs are perceived, and on creating more opportunities for their personal fulfillment.
Kids that we help
We work with:
CNS (the Central Nervous System) is the main part of the human nervous system. The CNS regulates the functions of certain organs and systems of the human body, and generally ensures the unity of bodily functions. Neurodevelopmental disorders – or disorders of the CNS – mean that the nervous system can no longer carry out this regulating activity; the results can range from mild learning and communication difficulties to inability to walk, speak and perform simple daily tasks unaided.

These children are really "difficult" in the sense that it's hard to help them. We can't always tell you picture-perfect stories about how they were completely cured. Together with the children and their parents, the Foundation follows a long, difficult path - a path to things that everybody is so used to being able to do. To smile and recognize their mother, to swallow a piece of apple, draw the sun, sit up, take a few steps, go to school, learn to be friends with people - these might seem like small victories, but to win them means to live. Without the help of kind, compassionate people, our kids cannot take these small - but so huge! - steps.
How we help them
The Foundation runs several projects aimed at improving the health and the quality of life of its beneficiaries and their families. These are the main areas of our activity:
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