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interactive anti-bullying game for ages 7-12
Educational and fun!
Through gameplay, participants gain vital knowledge about how to address and prevent bullying, using this information to progress and win exciting prizes.

Versatile gaming experience
Ideal for classroom integration, this game provides a valuable educational tool for teachers. It is also perfectly suited for home play, allowing parents to actively participate in their children's social learning.

Comprehensive anti-bullying kit
Each purchase includes not just the game, but also an educational quiz and additional materials designed to support learning. These resources offer parents and teachers further tools to discuss and teach about bullying effectively.

Support a great cause
All proceeds from the game go directly into the development of more anti-bullying tools for educators and students. By purchasing this game, you are not only providing your child with a fun and educational activity but also contributing to a broader effort to eliminate bullying in schools.

The kit that includes access to the interactive game, the post-game quiz, and printable educational materials is $59. Only one kit is required per group of players (e.g. a school class). You may purchase multiple kits to share with your colleagues and friends.

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How long does the the game take?
Ideally, this should be a two-day marathon. The detective game takes 45-60 minutes to play, with about the same amount of time needed to complete the quiz the next day.
Effective learning through play
The game models situations that will teach children:
  • To distinguish between bullying and conflict.
  • To react to and intervene in bullying.
  • To appeal to adults for help.
  • To appropriately react to haters on the internet.
  • To report insults in social networks to customer support service.
What is needed for the marathon?
Desktop computers, laptops, or tablets with a stable internet connection.
These are required to open and play the online game.
Teams of 2-3 people.
Break the class into groups of 2 or 3, and provide each team with a computer or tablet.
Links to printable PDFs will be available once you access the game. Print them and hand them out to the players.
A projector or an interactive whiteboard.
This will be used for presenting materials during the final quiz.
What is included in the marathon?
This is an online game in the form of an interactive choice-based narrative. As the children move from screen to screen, they will make hypotheses, talk to witnesses, and complete various investigative tasks.

The plot of the game unfolds in a fictional school. Someone has committed a crime: broke a glass case with school trophies and stole a trophy cup. A quiet boy - whom no one would suspect of wrongdoing - has taken the blame, and it seems suspicious. Players get to investigate the case and find out what really happened.

All teams that completed the detective game are invited to play the final quiz, which will help children solidify their new anti-bullying knowledge and skills.

Unlike the detective game, the quiz requires a teacher's active participation.

The quiz is an exciting conclusion to the marathon, complete with the announcement of winners.

Extra materials included with the game:
Once you have access to the game, the following materials will be available to you:

[ Instructions ] "Your child is bullied at school. What to do and how to support them?" PDF
[ Action plan ] "Your child is bullied at school. What should you do?" PDF
[ Instructions ] "How to talk about bullying with my child's teacher?" PDF
[ Test ] "Is your child being bullied at school?" PDF
[ Checklist ] "Signs that your child is cyber-bullied" PDF
[ Instructions ] "Conflict and bullying: how to tell them apart?" PDF

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